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10 Reasons Why English is an Important language?

The English language has a ubiquitous influence. The fact cannot be denied that English has taken over many other languages and has become one of the most influential languages in the world.

Many countries in the world speak English as their first language while some other countries as their second language.

Importance of English as a language

Answering this question is no child’s play as the role and importance cannot be summarised in few words.

The language came into existence many centuries ago and it has garnered popularity and acceptance by most of the nations.

Still, an attempt can be made to highlight the facts which have made English as an indispensable part of the world.

Its importance is elucidated as follows:-

1. International Common Tongue

Mostly people who belong to different countries use English as the medium of communication.

It helps to communicate with people at international level and develop closer ties with one another.

It has basically set a standard for the people residing overseas to learn and be able to communicate using English. That is the reason why people are developing an inclination towards learning the English language.

2. The first language of around 400 million people worldwide

English is the first language of many countries such as Australia, Dominica, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America and many more.

These countries hold a dominant place in the world and are among the superpowers.

The credit for this goes to the English language as it plays a pivotal role in communication process at the global level.

3. Mode of Education

In many countries, English is used to impart education as it is the dominant language in many subjects.

Even in some countries where it is not an official language, students are taught in English which makes it very lucid that this language has its role all over the world whether small or large.

There is an inevitable need to learn English as it has reduced the difference in the standards of education. It has also eased the spread of education.

4. Media

English has overpowered the media as well. The media industry has adopted English as the language of transmission of information.

It has transformed the world into a close-knitted family and media industry has benefitted from it in various forms.

It is the official language of 53 countries and first language of 400 million people in the world.

So, its importance in the media industry has spread like a forest fire. This has taken audio-visual, written and other media under its cover.

5. Generates job opportunities

Most of the companies at the global level look for candidates who can speak English fluently.

By learning English, one can prepare himself for interviews and get a job in multinational companies across the world.

Candidates who speak English are mostly preferred over the ones who do not speak English.

Yes, nowadays candidates are mostly judged on the basis of how well they can converse in English.

6. Learning about culture

There is diversity in culture as different countries have a different culture.

Getting to know about the culture of English speaking countries is very crucial as without its understanding one cannot fully understand what the other person is trying to communicate and also helps one to adjust better in a new environment setting.

This gives a dynamic personality to a person.

7. The language of the Internet

There are nearly one billion users of English online. Most of the resources online use English to communicate information to its users.

Be it websites or the social networking sites, all have inculcated this language and have made it a part altogether.

At this juncture, businesses are benefitting by using English as a language of promoting their organisation online.

Billions of users worldwide come in contact with each other and help each other to flourish their businesses in one way or the other.

8. The language of travel

Travelling to different countries has been made easy with the use of English. It acts as a common language between the people from different backgrounds.

It has been lauded as one of the main languages of communication worldwide. Fluency in this language is required if one wants to explore the world.

People in English-speaking countries welcome travellers who are good at using this language and always extend their support in case of need since there is no communication gap.

9. The simplicity of the language

This language is very easy to understand because the basic rules are universal. Apart from that, the rules are not difficult to be understood.

There is also a surprising fact that some countries do not follow the basic rules of grammar.

But still, it holds the same importance in today’s era. And once the person gets familiar with this language, he can use it as a medium of communication effortlessly.

10. Sign of social status

Accept it or not but it is a fact that the persons who speak English have a higher social status than those who don’t.

They hold an authoritative position over others as they have adopted a language which is acceptable in almost all parts of the world.

And realising this fact, people have understood its role and importance in building up their social status.

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English is not just a language but an institution in itself which is opening up many new opportunities and widening the scope for future generations.

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