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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test which is applicable in countries like UK, USA and even in some French Universities.

This test is a measure to test the language proficiency of the aspirants who wish to migrate to English-speaking countries. The internet is used as a platform to conduct this test.


TOEFL has many advantages but there is lack of awareness among people. These advantages are:

  • Worldwide acceptability: TOEFL is acceptable in most of the English-speaking countries and is also trusted as an appropriate test to assess the language proficiency of the candidates.
  • Fair assessment: This test measures the language proficiency in a fair manner and that is why its acceptability level is high.
  • Quick feedback: Results are published within 15 working days after the test and the candidates can view them easily online.

Scoring System

There are four modules-Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Each module is marked on a scale of 30 which makes it a total of 120.


Reading: Time allowed is 60-80 minutes where the candidate is required to read 3-5 paragraphs and answer around 15 questions per paragraph.

Writing: Time allowed is 50 minutes and the candidate has to write two essays on given topics.

Listening: Time allowed is 60-90 minutes where the candidate has to listen to 6-9 recordings and each recording has 5-6 questions to be answered.

Speaking: Time allowed is 20 minutes and the candidate has to speak on 6 academic topics.

Why Choose Majestic Masters?

At Majestic Masters, training for TOEFL is delivered in such a way to prepare the students for taking this test and obtaining the best results for themselves. Our strategic approach to training is what makes us different from others.